New Clean Energy Startup Disrupts Status Quo with 1st Ever Private Equity Token

Mar 15, 2022

Sandpoint, ID – Make a Difference (MAD) Ventures, a revolutionary clean energy startup that is leading the decentralized energy transition and bringing highly disruptive technologies to market, announced today the launch of its tokenized investment round on the PulseChain blockchain that will jumpstart the global shift to tokenized stock markets.

We are creating a new people’s movement that bypasses the Wall Street fat cats and puts the future of the planet directly in the hands of the people.

MAD is dedicated to the market-based implementation of paradigm shifting technologies that further the energy independence, economic freedom, and prosperity of families — while dramatically reducing pollution and waste. As the first tokenized clean energy company in the world that gives the general population the opportunity to make a difference and invest in the future and wellbeing of a cleaner and healthier world, MAD is working to optimize the production, transmission and consumption of energy in pushing for a decentralized future.

“We are creating a new people’s movement that bypasses the Wall Street fat cats and puts the future of the planet directly in the hands of the people,” said George Wentz, Managing Director. “Since the beginning of time, there has been a history of repressing and silencing breakthrough technologies. Whether it was Gutenberg’s printing press of the 1400’s or Nikola Tesla’s invention of wireless energy transmission, banking and corporate elites have consistently played a role in suppressing freedom-bearing innovations. The time to act is now, so join the movement. You’ll be glad you did because not only will you clean up the planet, but all of our projects are designed to make a nice return at the same time.”

MAD’s extensive team is comprised of energy, technology, international business and legal experts who are committed to pushing the envelope and achieving a level of prosperity and freedom never experienced by mankind in history. Leading the Dream Team is NFL Super Bowl champion, Marshall Faulk.

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About MAD Energy

Founded by world class energy experts with a history of success in global energy projects, MAD Energy is designed to be a clean energy company that specializes in clean energy projects and in to bringing breakthrough technologies to market. MAD Energy is building an ecosystem of clean energy projects and technologies tasked with transforming the global energy value chain, making a difference in providing abundant and universally accessible energy.

MAD brings funding and expertise to its subsidiary companies to guide these technologies from incubation through commercialization. The stellar reputation of MAD’s Managing Partners has attracted the most brilliant and impactful energy technologies, companies and projects on the planet.

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