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Anti-Corruption Manual

MAD Energy’s management and employees can be relied upon to behave with integrity and honesty in all aspects of our business. These are the principles that guide us and our interactions, and we expect everyone at MAD to interact in the same way with their colleagues, suppliers, customers, and all people we encounter in our day-to-day work.

MAD is committed to the highest ethical standards and opposes any form of corruption and bribery. Each person in the MAD team is responsible for complying with all anti-corruption and anti-bribery laws, rules, and regulations applicable to how we conduct and grow our business regardless of geographic location or business pressures.

None of us shall influence any business activity by the illegal offer or receipt of bribes, kickbacks, or other illegal inducements. We shall not offer or receive anything of value or offer any other advantage to or take any advantage from any person for the purpose of illegally influencing any act, omission, or decision to obtain, retain, or direct a business advantage. We shall also work to avoid business activity that can be perceived as illegal or represent reputation risk.

To ensure the above, MAD has developed an Anti-Corruption Program which includes this Anti-Corruption Manual. MAD leadership endorses the Anti-Corruption Program and is responsible for assuring that adequate resources are available and deployed to implement, maintain, and assure compliance therewith.

Our Anti-Corruption Manual applies to all MAD employees, hired consultants, officers, directors, and anyone else working for MAD at all worldwide locations.

We encourage you to study this manual closely and contact MAD’s Legal Counsel or Compliance Department if you have any questions.

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