Q. What is Make a Difference Ventures?

Make a Difference Ventures LP is an operating company that deploys existing and emerging clean energy technologies and projects that have the most significant, immediately positive, and sustainable impacts on global GHG emissions. We do all of these while making great returns for our Limited Partners. If you go to the About tab at the top of the page you will find, in detail, our mission statement and goals for the future of our environment.

Q. How is Make a Difference unique from other companies with clean energy projects working towards a cleaner planet?

We believe in the democratization of capital. Most energy companies look to Wall Street for funding. Therefore, they are beholding to those corporate interests, which don’t include YOU. MAD cuts out the Wall Street middleman and makes this investment available directly through purchasing limited partner units

Q. Who is involved with Make a Difference?

Make a Difference is managed by an extensive team of energy, technology, business, and legal experts. You can find our executive team and dream team under the About tab at the top of the page.

Q. How do I invest in MAD?

Click the Invest Now button in the top right-hand corner of the page and we will walk you through the process on how to invest in MAD and our future!

Q. Do I have to be an accredited investor to get involved?

The beautiful thing is MAD was designed for vitually all types of investors to get involved. You do not have to be an accredited investor to invest in MAD. We have three investment categories on the invest page. Select the appropriate investor category.

Q. What kind of returns can I expect?

Our goal is a 12% return to our limited partners. Make a Difference Ventures L.P. (“MAD”) will generate an attractive return to our investors while safeguarding capital. MAD’s immediate projects replace dirty fuel with proven clean energy alternatives. These proven projects will produce clean energy via long-term agreements that will be executed before we ever begin construction. The risk to capital is minimized and the return on investment is contractually secured. The balanced slate of proven projects with contractual returns allows MAD to commercialize carbon-free energy technologies in a methodical, incremental, and pragmatic manner without jeopardizing MAD’s overall value proposition. We stay true to our mission of democratizing investment, prudently generating an attractive return to our investors, and securing a bright future for the planet.

Investor Q’s and A’s Provided via Email and Infrashares Portal

Questions listed below were submitted outside of the Q&A forum from a potential investors and listed here for the benefit of other investors.


  1. I just wanted to clarify – is this in fact an offering for limited partnership units for which investors will receive a K-1 each year?

    Yes, that is correct.

  2. Is there a max amount a retail investor can invest? How would it work if someone made multiple investments? Let’s say 5k initially and 1K bi-monthly until funding is over?

    As long as there are units available you can invest multiple times. All investments can be made under one account. Each time you want to make an additional investment, you simply fill out a new subscription agreement. Therefore, all tracking under one account.

    You can find the retail investment limitations here

  3. I am a small investor looking to put 1-2k USD. That’s the Retail option as I understand. Do I need to go through InfraShares?

    That is correct, Infrashares is where you go as a retail investor. The minimum investment for retail is $500 so you will be able to invest any amount over that.

  4. Am I right in saying that we invest in the company stock and in return we get a crypto token?

    Yes, when you invest you receive equity (known as Limited Partnership Units). Later on, you’ll also receive the token which represents your equity on the Blockchain. Just keep in mind, while your equity ownership is in place immediately via your subscription (shareholder) agreement, your equity tokens will be issued once the offering is closed.

  5. How do we know how much we allocated?

    It will be displayed in your subscription agreement(s).

  6. How much can I invest as a retail investor?

    You can find the retail investment limitations here:

  7. Is there any benefit to being an accredited investor? I see there is a spot for the retail or accredited to sign up.

    We are offering a 1% bonus in units for accredited investors. We are incentivizing those who are accredited to invest in the Reg D offering so more individuals who only have the option to invest as a retail investor can come onboard that way.

  8. What is the valuation of the company for the $25 shares/tokens? How much are you raising at $25? Are there future rounds at a higher valuation or all at $25?

    The Limited Partnership units are being sold at $25 per unit. Once the offer is closed the units will be tokenized and we will work towards having these equity tokens placed on an exchange. At that point the market determines the value.

  9. What is the max raise and what happens if you don’t get there? Is there a minimum to get the company going or have you reached that?

    The maximum for the Reg D is $250 million and the Reg CF is $5 Million. We’ve come out of the gate strong and interest is growing. At the current rate of sales we have phase one of the first data center planned to start construction in the first quarter of 2022. We also have a $75 million Reg A retail offering under way, which we hope to launch in early 2022.

  10. What will be the max circulating supply?

    At this time, we have three equity offers planned. Reg D, already in process, Reg CF, waiting on escrow, and a Reg A which is waiting on SEC approval. The total number of units for the core offerings will be no more than 15.95 million units.

  11. Do you have a time frame for the raise and how long after do you go live with the tokens? Will they be freely traded and are there any hold times?

    We are confident we will raise more than enough capital that we need to be successful. There is no specific time frame for when our offerings will be closed. However, when they are complete, we do expect to list our tokens on secondary exchanges shortly after minting and distribution. It is our intention to work with multiple secondary market exchanges to list our tokens. That said, as an investor, you immediately qualify for distribution payments. The token is not necessary for that. It simply represents your ownership interest in MAD, it is not in itself that interest.

  12. Is REG A+ for retail as well? Also, if the 5 mil is not reached within the time limit will we have another CF round?

    The Reg A+ is for retail, yes. We anticipate that we will sell all available Reg CF units within the time allotted. That being said, the final decision on whether or not we run an additional Reg CF offer rests with the Managing Directors.

  13. Are you confident you will raise the amount of capital you need to be able to distribute the tokens within the next few months?

    We are confident we will raise more than enough capital we need to be successful. However, will we be minting equity tokens as early as the next few months? Probably not. However, once they are closed, we will begin creating the smart contracts for the equity token. As an equity investor in MAD, you receive your ownership document (subscription agreement) immediately. This means you qualify for distribution payments before the equity token is launched. Remember, the equity token simply represents your ownership interest in MAD.

  14. What is the “cut off” date for presale?

    If by presale you are referring to the Reg CF “test the waters” campaign that ended on 9/29/21, were we started accepting subscription agreements.

  15. I’ve invested and I’m now a partner. Which projects at MAD should I back?

    An investment in MAD provides participation in all projects.

  16. Why do I have to give my social security number to invest?

    The laws and regulations of the United States requires the collection of the information.

  17. If I waited to invest, is there an advantage to investing before everyone else?

    The offerings made by MAD are of a limited size and offering period. Once an offering is filled it will be closed to new investors. MAD anticipates that future offerings if undertaken will be priced at a premium to the current offerings.

  18. Can I invest via my LLC?

    Yes, you can invest via your LLC. When you create your account just indicate in the set up that the account is for an entity. You will still need to enter personal information to complete the KYC/AML checks, but all the investment documentation will be associated with the entity.


  1. I am not a US resident, am I still able to invest? Do I still need to sign the IRS form W 9?

    Yes, you certainly can! If you do not reside in the States you do not need to fill out a W9. We will have a different tax form that we will follow up with you on.

  2. I‘m from Germany and I only have an ID card, not a passport. Can I invest?

    A passport is required to run KYC/AML checks on foreign investors, so you won’t be able to invest without a passport.

  3. Do you accept international payments?

    We accept international wires in USD or cryptocurrency for Accredited Investors investing through the Secutize portal. We are currently structuring our Retail offering on the Infrashares portal to accept crypto, but for now retail investors can invest via CC and ACH.

  4. Looking to invest through my self managed super fund (similar to 401K). Do you offer: Register my Super Fund?

    We can accept the subscription from any entity. You would have to check with your accountant to make sure it is an acceptable investment according to your plan.

  5. I am a Lebanese passport holder, but a resident of Qatar. When trying to select the country that issued my document, I get the following message – There are no suitable document types for the selected country. Please select another country or contact our support team.

    Infrashares does not accept Lebanese passports, so unfortunately we are unable to accept your investment at this time.


  1. I do not have a valid passport, can I use a driver’s license or any other document?

    There is a drop down list that the investor needs to select their country from. If they select U.S. then they can use a driver’s license. Non-U.S. citizens must provide a passport.

  2. When I go to there are a list of offerings, none of which reference M.A.D.evolution. My question is “how does Infrashares relate to MAD? I guess I am concerned that I get involved with MAD and not a separate offering unconnected with you folks. My guess would be that this is the vehicle being used to run the initial crowdfunding. My investment will be in the coming MAD entity?

    Infrashares is our partner handling all investor onboarding for our retail offering. As you can see, they also run offerings for several other companies. To ensure you’re investing in MAD, and not another entity unrelated to us entirely, be sure to go to this link to invest: This is the direct link to our offering hosted on Infrashares.

  3. Can I invest into MAD and pay with crypto?

    We currently have two offerings. The Reg D offering is for accredited investors. Crypto is currently accepted as payment for limited partnership units under that offering. Here is the link for our Reg D offering for accredited investors:

    Our Reg CF offering, which is for non-accredited investors, will accept crypto as payment. Our escrow company is in the process of getting everything set up for crypto payments. We currently have ACH and CC as forms of payment. Here is the direct link to our CF offering:

  4. Can I receive proceeds in crypto?

    Yes, once our escrow completes set up they will also be able to distribute payments via crypto.

  5. Should I still be seeing a ‘transaction pending’ notice or is something wrong with my investment?

    You’re good to go my friend. The Infrashares banking partner just finalized the escrow account setup for MAD investments. Once you submit your payment you will see “transaction pending” for approximately 1-2 business days.

  6. Do I need to get verified before investing? How long does pending verification take?

    Yes, you’ll need to get verified before you can invest. It’s usually a quick process. It can take as little as 5min or as long as 12 hours, or longer. Usually the process is fairly quick (5-10min).

  7. When is it expected that the investment will be needed? Is it dependent upon sufficient expressions of interest?

    MAD has been and is currently deploying funds raised through the Reg D (Accredited Investor) offer. The Reg CF offer is our first retail offer and we are now able to accept payments through the Reg CF portal via ACH and CC. Crypto is coming soon! Here is the director link to our CF Offering:

  8. When do I need to pay for the shares?

    When you onboard as a Limited Partner you will make your payment after signing the subscription agreement.

  9. Are there FAQ’s anywhere?

    We have a great Q&A section on the Infrashares portal here, and an “update” section here We will keep these updated as often as possible for our investors.


  1. Do investments on this “Infrashares” platform (via Alto IRA and paid in USD) transmute into tokens on the timeline indicated? Or is this a different kind of equity?

    The investor is purchasing Limited Partnership units in Make a Difference Ventures II Limited Partnership. Once the offer is closed MAD will issue an equity token that represents the Limited Partnership unit at one token per $25 unit. The tokens will have administrative keys that comply with SEC regulations regarding resale of the equity token.

  2. The ability to sell or transfer the stake/token is very limited if not difficult. What would happen in the event of the death of the sole owner/investor?

    We cannot speak to what happens in the event of death of the equity holder as that is governed under the equity holder’s personal estate planning and/or local law. We would assume the process to transfer these assets is similar to any other asset such as stocks etc. However, one of the perks of tokenizing the equity is the ease of selling or transferring one’s Limited Partnership Units to others via secondary markets, once these are established. This is something we will be pursuing when the time is right.

  3. The supply of the tokens are limited to about 15 million?

    You’ll find it in the Green Paper on the website Each offering is capped. In aggregate, the current offerings equal approximately 15.95 million Limited Partnership units each represented by one equity token.

  4. When do we receive our tokens and how?

    The smart contract will be created and equity tokens issued after the offering is closed. We will likely be in touch with you via email or the Infrashares platform to inform you. We will show you where to submit your wallet address (from wallets such as MetaMask, Trezor, Ledger etc…) for equity token distribution.

  5. How would we sell if we wanted to?

    The best way would be to do so via secondary markets which we intend to establish with various exchanges following issuance. MAD anticipates listing our equity tokens on secondary exchanges shortly after closing out each offering and distributing the respective equity tokens to each investor. However, we cannot control the secondary exchanges so we cannot guarantee that those exchanges will accept the MAD equity token for listing.

  6. What Chain are you minting on?

    The PulseChain blockchain

  7. Have you had your ICO?

    Our launch is not an ICO, because we are not launching a crypto asset. Instead we are tokenizing the equity in MAD, and issuing one equity token for each limited partnership unit ($25) in MAD.

  8. Do you have a white paper outlining the coin contracts?

    Our “green paper” is found on the website with more detail at Just to be clear, MAD is not issuing a cryptocurrency. Instead, we are issuing tokenized equity in MAD. Each token represents the ownership of one limited partner unit ($25) in MAD.

  9. Where are you publishing the coin transactions?

    The PulseChain blockchain. Please, note that the MAD token is equity in MAD, not a “coin” in the cryptocurrency sense.

  10. Currently what is your total coin market value or if you haven’t ICOed what is your current capitalization?

    First, it’s important to note that MAD is not doing an ICO. We are a company offering Limited Partnership Units, which we plan to tokenize in the future. Current value is hard to quantify at this point in time. We have significant developments underway with all of our portfolio projects. Can we put an estimate on these developments? Yes. But in the end the market will decide when our equity token begins trading on secondary markets in the future. However, before our equity units (tokens) begin trading on open markets, our Limited Partners may have already received distribution payments since they are the equity owners of MAD.

  11. Being like a SPAC what evaluation are you expecting to go live at or will that be the same as the valuation after the $25 round?

    To be clear, MAD is not a SPAC. Ultimately, the market will decide when and if our equity token begins trading on secondary markets, and their value will be market driven. We’re valuing each unit at $25 at this time.

  12. How will we know the value of our shares at any given moment?

    One can certainly assign their own estimated value on each share (unit) based on the development and growth of various projects, in addition to distribution payments. However, the market will assign a value to each unit. When and if the MAD equity token is listed on secondary exchanges, these exchanges will list the current trading price at any given time.

  13. Is this the same token with the ticker ‘MAD’, short for Make a Difference, found on coingecko and coinmarketcap?No. MAD is not listed on coin ranking sites at this time. There is not currently an existing token. The MAD equity tokens will be issued to MAD’s limited partners upon the closing of each offering.


  1. I recently invested into mad energy and my initial investment was done by credit card and recently processed. But for possible future distributions, I’d want/need to attach my bank account information…correct? How would I get that set up?

    Once the offer is closed you will be asked how you want to receive distributions. This can happen in crypto or USD. The details of this and full instructions will be provided at that time.

  2. Any general idea as to the type of income limited partners can expect to receive on their K-1s each year?

    Zero for 2021. Target distributions are in the 15%-20% range annually. Too soon to know what 2022 will bring.

  3. What currency will distributions be paid in (Fiat? Crypto? Stablecoin or some other token?)… and what are they thinking the starting amount to be at their most conservative projection?

    Distribution payments will be paid in USD via Check, ACH or Wire Transfer for all investors. We are working to make Crypto an option in the future.

  4. You spoke about revenue models through partnership income from investors, do you have any document you can share in relation to that i.e. revenue types and projections for 2022 and beyond?

    For a project to be considered by MAD it must have a projected income of 15-20%. In some instances, we anticipate that it will take 2-3 years for the tech or the project to mature. However, in other instances, we anticipate that the project or tech could start producing income as soon as next year. The 15-20% distributions may not happen until all the projects are built out and producing.

  5. When do you start paying out to your investors? And when are you going public?

    The GP shall determine funds available for distribution to the limited partners based upon generally accepted accounting principles, prudent management of liquidity, prevailing conditions in debt and equity markets, opportunities available, certainties of cash flow, requirements for contractual reserves, and available returns. Based upon the principle of prudent management, advice of our advisors, and regulatory requirement the GP will account for all overhead, operating expenses, project development expenses, contingencies and reasonable operating reserves, in order to determine free cash flow available for distribution.

    As for going public: There is no plan at this time nor is it anticipated that we will go public.

  6. Is there any documentation surrounding the hierarchy of distribution i.e. are institutional investors distributor before accredited and then retail?

    All units are treated the same insofar as distributions. However, at this time accredited investors coming in at this link: will receive a 1% bonus in units and a 10% bonus if investing $1 million or more.

  7. What reporting should we expect to receive as investors? Annual return detailing the financial results or more/less frequent?

    We are planning quarterly distributions. We will make the annual audit report available to all Limited Partners. Our limited partnership agreement also calls for annual meetings, which we intend to hold virtually. Finally, our Telegram channel is here: and our YouTube channel is here: .

  8. How is it possible to earn ROI long term?

    Energy certainly is a long term endeavor. But we also have shorter term projects that we expect will begin paying out distributions to our Limited Partners sooner.

    Many of our energy projects will likely involve MAD making long term 20+ year financial agreements with various energy companies etc. For example, we may setup a 20 year power purchase agreement with various utility companies. This means they agree to buy energy from us for two decades, regardless of what takes place in the markets. It also means MAD’s Limited Partners could receive 20 years of distribution payments from profits.

  9. How is MAD designed to make profits in the short and long term?

    MAD has and is investing in immediately accretive transactions while prudently spending funds to commercialize technological innovations and improvements. MAD is focused on prudently investing capital to produce immediate results and long term value creation.

  10. Will there be some kind of dividend paid? How does it work?

    There will be distributions made based on available free cash flow from MAD’s operating companies.

  11. Will the returns significantly outweigh the high tax on foreign dividends?

    An investor should seek qualified tax advice when determining the suitability of making an investment in MAD including any tax or regulatory implications.


  1. How many projects have you invested in in 2021 and 2020?

    We are partnered with and/or invested in 6 different projects, at this time, with 2 more in the queue as we speak. You can find more detail on our projects on our website under Portfolio

  2. Why aren’t there any videos showing the tech in action?

    This will come when the timing is right. Our marketing team is chomping at the bit to launch a viral video of two of our key technologies. Because this is highly disruptive tech, releasing public footage must be done with wisdom. Timing is everything.

  3. How far along are you on the development of anything? Why can’t I find more details on your projects?

    Each project is at a different point in it’s timeline. HydroLand, our small hydroelectric dams, are already in action. We intend to work with HydroLand to improve them by updating the motors and eventually turning the surrounding areas into green energy parks. Our Data centers are underway now. We will exclusively provide all of their green energy needed. Geothermal already exists, once we are able to transmit the power we will be able to utilize this source of baseload power. Our magnetronic motors/generators are in the beginning phases now. As well as Golden Cypher and Wireless.

  4. Is it possible that the “cleanest possible power” may not be as clean at first or in other words, get cleaner over time?

    Yes, we will always be improving our technologies to become the cleanest possible power.

    Wireless Energy:

  5. Who has MAD partnered with and what patents do you have for wireless energy? Two references to Emrod in New Zealand are linked below. Is MAD partnered with Emrod or is this a competing provider?

Briefly, the EMROD tech is one we have looked at, but we really don’t like the line of sight limitations as well as the high frequency microwave, which we have health related concerns about. The one we have ongoing discussions with and have the most interest in uses ultra-low frequency riding on the Zenneck Wave. It is not line of sight and we believe will prove to be safe from a health standpoint. Whether we outright purchase the technology or license the use is yet to be determined. We’re currently in discussions with the owners of the technology.

  • Is MAD the creator of the wireless energy tower?

    No, we are not the creators but have been working with the creators for the past 5-6 years and plan to work out a partnership with them in the near future.

  • Does MAD energy have the patent for this technology? (wireless)

    The inventors acquired several patents on this tech with excellent patent attorneys in the US representing them. MAD doesn’t own these patents. Remember, that is not MAD’s business model as an accelerator, incubator and commercializer of these technologies. See here

  • What is the source of energy that powers the wireless tower?

    The wireless towers can be powered by any of our green energy projects. It will depend on the location and need. The towers do not generate any electricity. They launch a wave that has been shown to be able to carry and deliver electricity. The wave takes the place of the transmission wires currently used to distribute electricity. The wireless tech is a distribution system, not a generation system.

  • Can you please send me the research on how Fenneck waves do not affect human DNA that is being mentioned in the Q&A video with George Wentz?

    According to the inventors of the wireless technology they “have implemented detailed RF safety and measurement protocols for use at the Viziv test site”, . We share your concern about the safety of this technology, and we are in the process of verifying the claims of the inventors. If you would like to read more about the safety aspects, please visit the link provided.

  • What are the ramifications of wireless electricity on human health? How is wireless energy different from microwave and 5G, which are unhealthy? Will our children have weird diseases due to constant electricity passing via air?

    According to the inventors, wireless energy transmission is just as safe, if not safer, than the am radio in your car. The frequency is very low, unlike microwave frequencies. According to the inventors, the low frequency waves are not harmful to living things. We will of course continue our due diligence as we progress with this tech to ensure this is correct, and that the use of the Zenneck Wave to deliver electricity does not harm humans.

  • Is wireless energy feasible over long distances?

    Yes, it actually works best over long distances because it is a long wave.

  • How will MAD investors see a return from the wireless energy transmission?

    MAD and our partner inventors have found a way to meter the wireless transmission, allowing our investors to receive profit from it.

    Magnetronic Motor and Generator Technology:

  • What patents and partnerships do you have in place?

    We’re developing the Magnetronic motor in house. At this point, we have not patented the tech.

    Next Gen Green Data Centers:

  • There are many providers that claim they are providing more energy efficient ‘next generation’ data centers. Can you provide more specific details to clarify what MAD energy will be providing and how this will be achieved? Do you have any contracts or registration of interest for provision of Next Gen Green Data Centers?

    If you would like to discuss the data centers, please contact us and we can set up a call. If you’re concerned that we actually have a commitment in place to provide the energy, take a look at the short video below. General Jon Davis is on our advisory board and on the board of the company building the data centers. We currently have agreements in place that cover our development of the energy for the centers.

  • I don’t understand the meaning of MAD providing the power for these data centers.MAD is constructing the power generation for the data centers. The data centers are being built in various parts of the United States and the world. MAD will generate the cleanest reliable power possible to power the processors that are at the core of the data centers, as well as all ancillary power required. That power is then sold to the owner of the data centers. So, being able to deploy our clean power generation technology at these data centers allows MAD to focus on perfecting and deploying clean energy technologies to an existing customer rather than having to worry about whether our technology will have a paying customer. Our market risk is substantially reduced. That is why we are so excited about this contract.



  1. Let’s just say MAD partners with some companies ABC that can do XYZ which are breakthrough tech. Why don’t those companies sell or talk with big names in the field instead of partnering with MAD? Or MAD is the one that researched and developed this kind of XYZ tech and just needs those companies to implement?

    Great question! This video may help partially answer that:

    Big names don’t usually support breakthrough technologies because they often negatively impact their existing business model, thereby undermining their bottom line and power.

    Some companies try to sell their tech and either can’t find buyers (because the big names don’t want it) or the big names do buy it and then shelve it.

  2. I would love to know more about the patents your company has?

    In most cases we are not inventors. We do not own any patents at this time. We have an exclusive license for the Golden Cypher technology, and we are in discussions with other owners of technologies to either purchase outright, partner or license. Our specialty is commercializing, which leads into your question regarding technical background.

  3. Do you have team members and advisors with a technical background? This is highly contingent on technology and who is advising and working on these projects?

    I would direct you to and scroll down to the Leadership section. Specifically, Walt Teter and George Wentz.

    You also might like a recent video of General Davis, our Strategic Advisory Board Chairman. You can find that here,

  4. What happens if you are oversubscribed?

    We do have protocols in place to ensure we wrap up each offering as we near the finish line. That being said, in the event that someone slips through beyond what the offering allows us to take in, we would need to refund their money and inform them the offering is closed.

  5. With proceeds, do you plan on investing in technologies or developing in-house?

    MAD is an accelerator for a number of green energy projects and breakthrough technologies. Our relationship is different depending on the project. For some we have an agreement to provide clean green energy, for example our Data Centers, for others we are partners, some we have full ownership, and others we simply help with the funding and optimization of the business plan.

  6. As MAD Ventures is relatively new, is there a 10K report or any financial data on the company? Are there any contracts in place for revenue, what are operating costs, etc?

    You are correct, MAD is a newly formed venture. You can find the financial statement on the Form C on Edgar but it doesn’t show much as we literally had just started selling units when that was filed. Yes, we do have a contract to provide power to the green data centers. We expect to start delivering initial power to the first data center during the first quarter of 2022. We also have entered into and made the first payment for the exclusive license agreement for the Golden Cypher tech for industrial controls.

    While your questions are very good I would suggest on balance, even though the company is newly created, the management is not. They’re well-seasoned and simply now directing their efforts to work for the little guy instead of the large players. I believe a good testimony to this is MAD has been awarded the contract to provide power to the data centers.

  7. Why will MAD succeed now when Nikola Tesla was suppressed? Won’t you get crushed by the powers that be like everyone prior?

    Unlike Nikola Tesla we are bypassing the government, Wall Street, and big corporations. The people are the ones bringing this revolutionary tech to the world. We also have an incredibly supportive MAD community. There is power in numbers and your involvement and support will add yet another layer of security to the movement and team. Finally, we have a very experienced management team with diverse skill sets and expertise. Nikola Tesla unwisely entered into various agreements that allowed J.P. Morgan to shut him down. This experience brings to mind a wise admonition: Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisors they succeed. MAD has assembled a team of qualified experienced advisors who intend to succeed.

  8. It doesn’t appear you are asking for enough money to implement all the projects listed. What happens when you need to raise more funds? How do you plan to do that and is it a diluting effect of the token/unit value?

    We will be obtaining project financing which will leverage MAD’s equity. This will make your money go a lot further. To the extent that we leverage your money, it is with the end goal of making you higher returns on your investment than if we sunk all of your money into one project. This is intended to optimize your returns through the financing techniques available for use for the infrastructure that we are creating. We can also take money from MAD and set up a subsidiary unit that can do an independent raise. This creates another entry level for financing. Doing so will not dilute your investment/token/position in MAD. That extends, optimizes, and leverages the returns for you as the investor.

  9. Won’t the SEC come after you?

    We are working closely with lawyers who specialize in securities law to make sure that we are complying with all of the regulations.

  10. As a Limited Partner, am I liable for anything?

    A limited partner is not liable personally for the the obligations of MAD. That is one reason we chose the limited partnership structure.

  11. Isn’t it aggressive for a “good cause for humanity” to continually mention “investing” and to advertise how wealthy we will be?

    MAD is focused on “doing well” while “doing good” which is not an incongruous mission, rather an acknowledgement that only self-sustaining solutions will be broadly adopted globally.

  12. How is MAD decentralized?

    MAD itself is not decentralized. Part of our mission is to decentralize the energy grid and tokenize our Limited Partner’s units.

  13. Beside green technology, does MAD energy have any relation to carbon credits?

    Our business model does not depend on any government subsidies or credits. We are market based. However, if the government wants to give money away, and the terms and conditions upon which it is willing to do that make sense to us, we will take it.

  14. How would this live with a total green world? A self-reliant world, one that does not have a cost of living. One that does not have currency to separate and create classification?

    Beautifully! What you describe is our ultimate mission. There has to be a transition to that. It won’t likely happen overnight like magic. We have to build that world. That is exactly what we intend to do. One of our slogans is to create a “Star Trek Future” and we mean it! The world you describe is a world worth fighting for, and we intend to see it through.