Make a Difference Ventures: Our Story

Apr 13, 2022

MAD is not just another “green energy” company. It is the start of a people’s movement to create a freer and more prosperous world for all of us. Energy is the key to unlocking this freedom. If every man, woman and child on this planet has access to abundant, affordable, clean energy 24/7 …everything changes. EVERYTHING.

MAD is on a mission to decentralize energy in the same way cryptocurrency is set to replace centralized power structures and middlemen with a distributed, individually directed model.

MAD plans to be the first company in the world to tokenize it’s equity on #PulseChain, and indeed the first energy company in the world to lead this shift to tokenized stocks/equities.

MAD is ultimately a freedom movement. A movement dedicated to the betterment of our world for the entirety of humanity to enjoy.

Hear from the MAD team themself what this movement means to them and for the rest of humanity.

About MAD Energy

Founded by world class energy experts with a history of success in global energy projects, MAD Energy is designed to be a clean energy company that specializes in clean energy projects and in to bringing breakthrough technologies to market. MAD Energy is building an ecosystem of clean energy projects and technologies tasked with transforming the global energy value chain, making a difference in providing abundant and universally accessible energy.

MAD brings funding and expertise to its subsidiary companies to guide these technologies from incubation through commercialization. The stellar reputation of MAD’s Managing Partners has attracted the most brilliant and impactful energy technologies, companies and projects on the planet.

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