Meet MAD Co-Founder and Director, Daniel Davillier

Jul 22, 2022

MAD Energy is excited to introduce you to one of the co-founders and directors of our clean energy movement, Daniel Davillier, in this breaking new interview!   

Mr. Davillier is based out of New Orleans, LA, and the MAD headquarters is out of Sandpoint, ID. 

In this brand new video, Donny speaks with 25 year veteran attorney, Daniel Davillier, about the origins of MAD, where the name came from, how the idea was brought into existence with co-founder, George Wentz, and much more.

As world challenges hit near and dear to Mr. Davillier, the MAD mission is much more than just words on the corporate website. It’s a real thing to bring cleaner, abundant, affordable energy to the world and Daniel is certainly one of the men to help make it happen.

Watch the video below to learn more!

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