MAD Joins LNG Power Project in Suriname

Apr 13, 2022

Energy is responsible for so many of the world wars we have lived through, even to this very day. If we solve the energy crisis we solve so many root issues plaguing humanity …poverty, illness, political power and corruption, economics and more. It’s time to come together, create a solution, and decentralize the global energy grid. MAD (Make a Difference Ventures) is an incubator and accelerator for transitionary energy projects and breakthrough technologies. With our portfolio of partner companies and projects we’ll be able to help to bring freedom and prosperity to the world.

Join Christian Fioravanti, MAD investor and supporter, and Managing Director Walt Teter as they update us on one of MAD’s most recent projects in Suriname, South America.

The largest hydrocarbon play in the world is in the Guyana Suriname basin. MAD will be entering into a rapidly advancing LNG project. Not only will this supply low carbon energy, but also enable the massive reduction of flaring in the area. We will be capturing the flared gas (which heavily pollutes the environment), cleaning it up, cooling it down, and exporting it to places that are in desperate need for this product, such as Europe. In addition, we will be able to employ some of the most cutting edge hydrogen production and transport technology, making this an energy transitionary project just as much as an LNG project. In addition to LNG, our plans are to have the largest liquid hydrogen production facility in the world at this 15 hectare site.

Learn more about our LNG project in Suriname here:

About MAD Energy

Founded by world class energy experts with a history of success in global energy projects, MAD Energy is designed to be a clean energy company that specializes in clean energy projects and in to bringing breakthrough technologies to market. MAD Energy is building an ecosystem of clean energy projects and technologies tasked with transforming the global energy value chain, making a difference in providing abundant and universally accessible energy.

MAD brings funding and expertise to its subsidiary companies to guide these technologies from incubation through commercialization. The stellar reputation of MAD’s Managing Partners has attracted the most brilliant and impactful energy technologies, companies and projects on the planet.

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